Blessed St Jude please urgently send your healing prayer to cure my distressed Nurse daughter’s mask allergy or we dont know what it is …her face is filled with pus filled acne mostly where she wears her mask .area being a nurse she is wearing it 12 hrs minimum on duty plus travel time and overtime duty…
Her doctor is very unhelpful ..none of tge antibiotics given to her was effective and tge doctor ud deliberately delaying referring her to the Dermatology department and to do an allergy test.
She has just come into this new country and is scared to even complain ..
Please lord let there be a solution immediately ..please send your powerful miracles to save her from this misery.
please forgive her mistakes if she has unknowingly hurt anyone.
Please give her relief from her gangilion cyst on her wrist and painful bunions on her feet , vericose veins ..
Please let her nurse husband get the job he has applied for in the same hospital as my daughter is working. Please let him be able to pass the tests/ exam. His english is very poor ..please help him lord. Please bless them and keep them strong mentally and physically to carry on their very tough and risky demanding low paid jobs.
Please let the new treatment cure her lord.
Please remove all the evil powers and curses on her and family and lord please protect them with your mighty power.
Please let her be able to come and live near my home lord so that both families can benefit.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her and family . always grateful . amen