Blessed St Jude Please make my daughter exercise loose weight and eat sensibly.
She is depressed with the huge weight in her shoulders ..and above all she is suffering from severe mask allergy with painful pus filled pimples on her face not responding to the antibiotics given to her ..
On top of it please cure her gangilion cyst on her wrist and painful bunions on her feet and gestational diabetes and vericose veins dear lord.
She is a nurse and cannot work with the face allergy which is forcing her to take leave and work getting effected.
Please let her doctor stop delaying her problem being refered to the dermatology department for proper care which is in urgent need. Please send your powerful miracles to save her face lord .its already very badly marked ..
Please help her lord .please. urgent help is needed . please let her get mental will power and strength to do things ..change food habits and exercise which she is refusing to do and is aggravating the problem. Please resolve her problems lord . Thank you for everything given to her and family ..amen