Dear Blessed St Jude Please Intercede To Jesus Christ Our Lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from Coronavirus and all other health problems .
Please let her take her second vaccination jab asap and remove her wisdom tooth and cyst ..2 surgeŕies as per your decisions for her lord on which surgery to do first.
Please help me and her through all this to go smoothly lord. I seek your blessings and mercy for her lord to do the surgery then do the paperwork for masters course in Germany as you wish for her lord. Please give her confidence and strength to somehow forget the college boyfriend and and miserable memories of the past coming from a broken single parent no money family.
Please protect her from all accidents and problems with addictive habits and evil friends.
Please continue to protect her from the attack of the apartment owners association in my native country .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her . Amen