Blessed St Jude please end the angst , anger, dislike and all the negative feelings my younger daughter has for me and displays it all the time. I cannot take it anymore .Please let her change for the best.
Please guide us the right path to select tge right country, right student counselling agents,and the right post pandemic Master’s course in Engineering which will keep her happy and pay all her bills and get a good man to love her and marry her.
Please help her lord to get back her faith in prayers and God .
Please pick her up from despair and out of the darkness, addictive habits , bad evil friends who take advantage of her and let the lord’s mighty power dissolve all the obstacles in her life to get out of the native country and be focused , courageous, confident, healthy , know how to deal with her problems and become successful in career and personal life.
Bless her and the home filled with repair work ..and please protect her from all danger and accidents .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her . amen