Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my younger daughter from coronavirus and all other health problems.
she is all alone in the native country and is just skin and bones. please send your powerful miracle to save her from self destruction and to forget her miserable past and to build a new future by going into the right country which will get her the right Masters course in engineering ,that will get her job in the same country which will lead to a Permanent Residence and she will be able to with stand the cold climate and survive lord. Please guide her and us to the right agents and to the correct University please lord and let us not make any mistake with the precious savings that I have left with me in these troubled times. Please let her get good marks in IELTS and get admission in a good university and to the right course and not make mistakes lord -Please help us not to get cheated by any agency – please bless her and protect her from all bad evil friends and let her stop all her addictive habits and take care of her health and let her wisdom tooth be removed at the earliest with the best doctor because of the complicated positioning of the tooth (after she gets her second covid vaccination . pray she get it asap)
Thank you lord for every favour you have given to her and to me – prayers to all in the circle and otherwise – amen