Please dear St Jude send your powerful miracles to save my depressed younger daughter from destroying herself.
She is accusing me of lot of things which i do for her good all is bad in her eyes.
I cannot bear this anymore dear lord . Please let her forget all her past painful memories coming from a broken single parent no money and her college boyfriend who dumped her on her birthday and got married ..please help .
Please let her see common sense and stop being negative and impossible and destructive.
Please give her strength to carry on lord please.
please send her soul mate to protect my younger daughter and take care of her . She used to be a brilliant engineer now just broken up and shattered. no job no money just wasting away..fighting with me tge only person who can help her.
please save her and calm her disturbed mind. she says she cannot carry on with her life..she is all alone in another country .
please let her stop her addictive habits and all her evil friends diappear from her life never to come back.
Please protect her from all accidents and Coronavirus .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her .amen