Dear Blessed St Jude Please Intercede to let there be a change for good in my younger daughter in her life.
She is a complete failure so far.
No money no job no good man in her life ..
she has good looks she used to be a brilliant engineer ( now wants to be an artist with no talent)..She is completely broken up mentally n physically coming grom a broken single parent no money family.
Please lord I plead to see a change in her life , let her get back her faith in prayers and God .I know the only love which never stops is from God please let her experience it lord.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction. Please send a good man who will change her for good.
Please let her talk to me .
Please let her stop all her addictive habits and let her evil friends diappear from her life never to return.
Please Let her Meet her soul mate who can fund her needs, love her and marry her.
It is very difficult for her step fatger to send money to her for food and shelter and she is refusing to find her engineering field and wants to do dirty unmentionable jobs which is threatening.
Lord please put an end ti this and let her stand on her own feet using her top qualification..Please let her be able to join her family in another country to do a course as per your wish lord.
Let the mighty power of the Lord guide her in her career , choosing life partner and also remove all the obstacles in front of her.
Please Protect Her from Coronavirus and all other health problems.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her. Amen