St Jude I thank you for everything given to me and my family.
I desperately need help for my 2 nd daughter who needs a Job urgently..
Please let her go back to the fiancee she just rejected ( who has everything ) and marry him if that is your wish for her lord.
or let her find her soul mate who can fund her needs and love her lord and marry.
Please let her get back her confidence and strength to somehow forget all the horrors of her childhood, college days upto now.
and start a bright future.
Please let her have the brains to realise she is not an artist and to go back get a job ss an engineer and earn money.
Please let all her evil friends diappear from her life never to come back to her
Please let her stop her addictive habits and let her get work as an engineer please.
please protect her from all dangers while in the kitchen and when driving her scooter.
ever grateful to you my dear St Jude.