Dear Blessed St Jude Please Intercede To Jesus Christ Our Lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from self destruction. Please
send your powerful miracles to drive away her evil friends diappear from her life never to come back and to stop her addictive habits and get into therapy if it is required.
Please let her get back her faith in prayers and God. Please let her forget her college boyfriend and and miserable memories of the past coming from a broken single parent no money family.
Please let her get back into her engineering career and start working..
Please let her realise she has to work or get married to someone who can fund her needs .
Please let her realise only God’s
love is eternal and do not expect it from men ..
Please Let her find her soul mate with money and marry happy.
please guide her in the right path in her career and life partner.
Please heal broken heart and give her the strength to get back to work and not sit and draw wasting her time and youth..
Please Let The mighty power of lord destroy all the obstacles in front of her and I leave her in your hands my broken daughter to be mended and brought back to life to be given a second chance to live..
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her. amen .