Dear Blessed St Jude Please Intercede To Jesus Christ Our Lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from Coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please lord urgently intercede to make the girl to NOT to leave ger engineering career somehow to earn money for food and shelter.
Please let her STOP IMMEDIATELY trying to make her average drawing skills at 30 yrs trying to make a career in ART by spending all my savings in an overseas course and will stop working as an engineer.
Please let her completely forget the college boyfriend who dumped her on her birthday and got married to another girl recently and also her miserable memories of the past coming from a broken single parent with no money family.
Please give her the mental strength and support for her to continue to work as an engineer. Please send your powerful miracles to save her and give the girl the support and encouragement that will make her want to continue to work as an engineer and not to shift to an ART career which can be done as a hobby.on the side
Please let her realise she has to pay her own bills and food and an artist is a pauper.with no money ..Please please help her break off from this madness and let her do a proper job..
She is now living on the money sent by her step father who is getting a very small pension is not much .in our family and its a deadly blow to me to hear my younger daughter say she is not in a mental stage to work as an engineer anymore and will start a career in ‘ ART’.
at 30 yrs .
Please Stop this madness of her lord please and show her the reality…let her not run away from responsibilities.
Please let her stop her addictive habits and all the evil friends with addictive habits disappear from her life never to come back. surround her with good friends and family please.
Please please help us all in this difficult desperate situation . Please let my daughter get over her fears and disappointments and all her past and look forward to move ahead bravely.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her . Amen.