Blessed St Jude, please protect my second daughter from the influence of bad friends with evil intentions and please let them not come into contact with her — I believe its her friends who influenced her into rejecting the good man’s marriage proposal which came to her from a good family -she rejected it after going ahead very close to getting married. Please open my daughter’s eyes to reality and let her false pride, false feminist attitude, her leftist attitude all are blocking her life to a happy married life and having a family. please let her get back her faith in god , prayers . Please send your powerful miracles to change my daughter and make her see the reality of her situation how she has destroyed her life so far – she is penniless. her marriage cancelled . no job , she wants to change her career from being a smart engineer to an Aritist (no earning capacity job) and expecting her step dad to fund all her needs- its most frustrating lord – please let her see the reality – please let her forget her college boyfriend who dumped her after 10yrs plus and got married – please let her get back her confidence and mental strength – and please let her survive and earn money – do some money earning course/job please – please let the damage from growing up in a broken family with a single mom effect her lord somehow bless her and keep her safe – let her take the covid vaccine she is booked for tomorrow and be protected from the deadly virus always lord.
please let her meet her soul mate who has the money to fund her – i am broken hearted when she tells me she is going to be a prostitute to get money for her Art classes – i am fed up – please help to resolve the situation lord please – i am so troubled – i live in another country and she is in the native country where its full of dangerous extreme religion following people are her friends influencing her in the wrong direction i believe -please let your mighty power block these evil so called ‘friends’ be exposed to her and let her come back to family- please help – thank you dear St Jude – for everything -eternally grateful to you – praying for all in the circle – amen