Dear blessed St Jude please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from destroying herself or commiting any extreme act please. Please heal her lord with your mighty power and calm her and bring her happiness . Please let her meet her soul mate at once dear lord . She is under severe stress because of her boyfriend from college 10 yrs plus dumped her on her birthday and got married to someone else – she is in shock and agreed to get married to another person but rejected her fiancee when nearing planned wedding time . She is saying she cannot get over her college boyfriend
She has bad evil friends with addictive habits and they influence her . Now she is saying she will sleep with men and make money to support her Art career which she is going to switch over from her Engineering career. She used to be a brilliant engineer now a wreck who cannot work and is turning to art for peace of mind.
She is so full of anger and hate towards me for her upbringing- I was a single mom to 2 daughters with no money her father showing no interest in them till they started earning.
Dear St Jude , please erase her past memories which are torturing her and please let her be able to come to where her family i.e. me and her sister is living. Lord please ease the mental pain she is going through please wrap your loving arms around her and heal her lord please – do not let her think too much and do any wrong things please. Please let a good man fall in love with her lord and she for him and please let all become alright lord.
please guide her in the right path lord career wise and her selection of her life partner. Please resolve somehow this snowballing problem overseas and out of my hands and no one to help in the matter of my younger daughter.
please let her not go into acting in movies or TV acting or similar shameful profession . Please protect her from the men in extreme religion who are tricking all other religion girls to get converted into theirs by offering all sorts of lifestyles.
please let her just stick to art and find peace in that but not anything dirty lord.
please please help – i have no one but you for help – please clear the misunderstanding with my daughter and make her happy and hopeful somehow lord – please let her forget the college boyfriend and find a good man who loves her and can take care of her please. She is in real danger lord please send your powerful miracles to save my poor inoccent daughter urgently. I plead with all in the circle to pray for my daughter please -she is all alone in another country and is in severe mental trauma. please let her calm down and be at peace.
Thank you for all the favours to her –amen