Dear St Jude, please intercede to save my second daughter from self destruction. Her l0 yrs of boyfriend from college has dumped her and got married recently and now she wants to start a new career in Art and stop her engineering career . I have no idea how she will get money to live. She got a dream marriage proposal through relatives but has rejected the boy after 3 months saying not compatible . He has a good job and is from good family.
Her evil friends advised her against the marriage saying her freedom will go and she has said no to the marriage .
Dear lord now her step father forced to pay for her food and shelter – she is nearing 30yrs and wants to become an artist. she has only average talent.
I urgently plead to you that she will go back to the ex fiancee and save herself if that is what you wish for her lord.
she has no job no money nothing – please open her eyes to reality lord on to what she is – and let her learn to adjust and live with a man – stop being a feminist in wrong sense and hanging out with youngsters because all in her age has married and gone away- please she is just wasting away – i do not know how to solve this problem – she wants to do an art course and that will wipe me out of my savings – please let her remain in the engineering stream lord please – do not let her personal love life failures effect her career please . please let her get back to her engineering job and get a job please lord – please let her get vaccinated asap – she is becoming a big headache now for me .
please guide her lord and show her the right path. Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems lord – thank you and my prayers to all in the circle and otherwise – amen