Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord to protect my younger daughter from Coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please change her stubborn decision of refusing to take vaccination when covid is raging in the country she is living.
Please let her immunity be good after her accident and bad habits.
Please let her quit smoking along with other addictive bad habits and let all her evil friends with bad habits go away never to come back into her life lord
Please let her wisdom tooth problem go away and not come back and let her be able to keep her mouth clean so that no infection come.
Please let her choose her husband, career only as per your wish lord. Please let her go back to her fiancee whom she just rejected if ONLY that is your wish lord .or else if not good then let her get her soul mate at once my dear St Jude SO THAT I will not loose my sanity.
Please bless my idiotic naive daughter in choosing her career path now that she has decided to quit being an Engineer.
She is asking to study for visual arts and electronic items are expensive. we have to fund her from our limited savings.
please help lord to bring some order in her.
please send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction.
Thank you lord for all the favours to her .
I pray for all in this circle to get your prayers answered.