Dear blessed St Jude please intercede Urgently to Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord to protect my younger daughter from self destruction and
to save herself somehow from her bad addictive habits and all evil friends.and memorìes of her past lover from college who dumped her mercilessly and got married a few months back and has crushed her mentally and emotionally.
Please let her stop all her bad habits get out of her depression and start a new life.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her .She has no one , no job, no money , no love
she used to be a brilliant engineer now wants to be an artist , she just broke her marriage alliance which had come to her recently.her only family is in another country
please save her lord somehow.. let her get back to her fiancee if that is what you want for her and only if it will be a successful marriage lord .
Otherwise please let her find her soul mate and settle down happy marry have family..She deserves it lord coming from a broken miserable family. Please calm , heal and save her with your mighty powers lord…please help urgently dear St Jude.
please let her get her vaccination asap lord and let the wisdom tooth problem go away.
please protect her from all dangers evil people, and Coronavirus.
Thank you for all your her