Please resolve the problems between me and my second daughter and let her start talking again to me.
Please let ger get iver her college broken affair and move ahead with her life , get married to a safe man safe family.
Please somehow amend the broken relationship with her fiancee if only you are in favour of the marriage alliance which has come to her .
Please Let her decide to get register for vaccination and get vaccinated urgently lord.
Please protect her from all dangers evil people and all accidents while cooking in the kitchen and driving her Scooter and also let her evil friends stop controlling her life.
She is wrecking my life lord with her lifestyle.
Please let her see reality and her zero financial situation and she is loosing all her job because of bad habits and arrogance over confidence.
please let her change and stop being a feminist and become a realist.
Please let her stop depending for money.
please make her humble and see tge bad financial situation and do the needful to sirt it out in the safest way please..
please let her change and go back to ger fiancee lord if its your wish for her dear St Jude.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her from her evil with evil habits and put her with safe people who will show the right path and help her in God’s path.
Let her get back her faith in god and prayers lord .
please please help me in this very bad situation.
please break this curse on my family and remove all obstacles ..with your mighty power .prayers from me to alk un this circle and out may god hear your prayers and resolve your problems.
Thanking you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my family . Amen