Blessed St Jude please resolve the problem between my younger daughter and her fiancee and let them somehow come back together if that is your wish lord.
She deserves a good life and a safe family lord.
Please let her see reality and ve humble and adjusting .
Please let her stop making unreasonable demands from the fiancee .
Please Let All her evil friends with bad habits go away never to come back lord please.
please calm her and tge fiancee also to see her good side and she his good side ..
please guide us and her in the right path as per your wish only .
Please let her get back her faith in God and belief in prayers.
please bring down your powerful miracles to save her from destroying herself lord ..make her see the truth and common sense.
Please protect her from Coronavirus dear lord.
I pray for all in this circle and other ..
Thank you lord for all the favours to me and my family .Amen