Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to calm and bring some peace of mind to my younger daughter’s current agitated and anguished mind set.
Please I plead for your urgent intercession to make her understand reality of her situation where she has no money, no job, getting old, her health and immunity capacity unknown after her accident and bad lifestyle of smoking and wrong eating style, her acid tongue which wreaks havoc and destruction, has no real friends, non stop blaming me for her endless problems –
please make her realise she is a big zero so far in her life and its the power of all our prayers together and your blessings has brought her a marriage alliance from a divorced young man who has a job which will give her a comfortable life and a good family ,roof and food on table.
Instead of being grateful she is now finding fault with the fiancee saying he is not modern and she does not want to marry him- and when asked again what the problem is she is accusing me of putting a divorced man on her head and not finding her a man without past baggage.
please let the fiancee be more generous and be able to resolve her problems lord.
dear st jude please let the marriage happen if its your wish for her lord
lord please help her to come to terms that we have no money to continue to help her to buy food and other things she has to move ahead – if no job then marry someone with a job and obey them and live with it. please destroy her false ego and false beliefs please lord – make her see the world and how tough it is to survive -please let her be humble and somehow like the fiancee and not break the marriage alliance please. Please put some sense into her head lord and let her accept the boy and his family and just start a new life and family please – i had enough of her even though i love her – please let her learn from the goodness in the boy’s house and his loving relatives –
if the fiancee is hiding something or has bad character please show us the truth lord
Please let her not ever go back to her evil friends with addictive and dangerous habits -make them disappear from her life lord please – please send your powerful miracles to save her lord – and please let the marriage happen if that is your wish lord – let all happen only as per your wish my dear St Jude .
I thank you for all the favours to me and my family – ever grateful – amen