Praying for my daughter who is suffering from a severe dental problem is having pain/swelling and infection.
please let her wisdom tooth problem which is very bad situation and has to be removed and is in a complicated position and has to be done surgically and in hospital under anesthesia. With all hospitals full with covid patients and covid surging like mad we dont know what to do – there is no vaccine and she has not been vaccinated .please let the girl register for vaccination and be safe lord .
I leave everything to you dear St Jude because its so complicated – her marriage date has to be fixed, then the surgery has to be done at some point – oh dear lord her immunity and overall health is pretty low after her accident and i am so worried ..please let her tooth ache go away lord and her wisdom tooth get removed in the most safre way with the best expert doctor and let her marriage happen as per your wish lord as soon as possible – everything looks so chaotic and only you can untangle this huge mess – please send your powerful miracles to save these severe situations and let it all be resolved – thank you lord –
I pray for all in this circle and for all in the world who are effected by covid and otherwise to bring relief and cure
thank you -amen