Blessed St Jude, please cure my younger daughter’s severe tooth pain, wisdom tooth forking ,problem of swelling and infection .
Please let it get cured by the antibiotics given to her and let there be no need for any urgent need to go to hospital
Coronavirus cases are highest where we live in the native country now. Please protect my daughter whose immunity and general health is always questionable. although i do not know the current situation.
Please let her life partner selected by her and the relatives home she is going be safe and be protected from covid
please protect all in the world from this dreadful disease.
Please let everything go smoothly tomorrow lord – let her get an appointment from the right dentist and be able to get the right answers from him on what to do regarding her dental issue
please guide her in the right path and right dentist to treat her lord. please let all decision be as per your wish only dear lord . please send your powerful miracles to save my daughter from coronavirus, her severe dental infection and wisdom tooth forking or some problem so has to take xray, remove it by surgery and hospitalisation and under general anesthesia. please help lord by your urgent intercession in this matter .I pray for all in the circle as well as otherwise – Thank you .amen