Dear St jude ,please let the painful gangilion cyst on my nurse daughter’s wrist go away somehow .please let her find the right treatment /solution to treat it and please let there be no need for any surgery.
She has been asked to scan and take rest and not work- she is the only person working in the family – she has to be healthy and start working lord please please send your powerful miracles to cure her gangilion cyst and the painful bunions and all other ailments she is suffering .
please help her in organising her rent apartment and let her family rejoin as soon as possible.
please let the apartment be safe lord because of the pizza house and commercial shops in the ground floor is very scary – they were looking for cheap furnished place and closeness to their hospital work place .
please continue to protect her and keep her healthy dear St Jude
I thank you today for all the favours given to especially over the years and to my family .
I pray for all the people in the circle and otherwise to get their problems resolved