Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my grand daughter 4 yrs who has just now admitted to the intensive care unit in hospital in our native country for food poisioning (they think not sure ) because of vomiting and diareahha and high fever
Please let her be safe lord – and let the grandmother who is in the hospital with the child also be safe from the rampant covid infections in the area.
Please let everything be alright at the earliest and let them be able to go back home soon .
The doctors says the child has some stomach infection and has become very weak now after vomiting and diareaha and high fever .
Please let the child be alright lord please .
My nurse daughter is in another country and her nurse husband is in another country and the child is in a third country . Please cure her lord and reunite the family .
forgive me and also forgive them if all of have done anything wrong .
Bless our family and remove all the obstacles and evil forces casting evil eye on us .Please heal and cure my grand daughter and let the grandmother bystander be also safe in the hospital atmosphere and not get infected with covid or any other health issues .
Thank you for all your favour to me and my family lord
always grateful