Dear blessed St Jude ,please inercede to Jesus Christ our lord and savour to resolve this major ,continuing big problem in my life i.e. my younger daughter .
Please guide me and her in what steps to take forward to resolve this big of her future issue which is killing me .
Please either let her find her soul mate and marry someone who can fund her and live happy or let her get a good job in the native country itself and stay there OR
if its your wish ONLY then lord that she should join me in the country where me and her sister is currently living , to come and join university for an Msc course (tuition fee will wipe out all my savings and more but I am willing if it will give her a second life and earn money for future for us)
She can marry a citizen of this country and come on a spouse visa which will save money but she is unwilling to marry -please lord let her change her mind – let her be able to find a good boy here or elsewere who is good for her financially and emotionally .
Please let her quit smoking and other addictive habits if any – she is like a stranger to me.
Please help me dear lord please -I am going mad thinking how to resolve this issue of my daughter .Thank you for every favour to me and my family.
I pray for the best to happen and please send your powerful miracles to save her from doom.and please protect her from covid .
I pray for all in this prayer circle to find peace .
Thank you St Jude ..Thank you Jesus ,,Amen