Dear St Jude , please help me on the matters regarding my younger daughter.
She is complaining of her boss illtreating her and she is going to resign.
I had promised her a masters degree before the pandemic and now she is asking for a masters abroad in the country
where me and her sister are currently living . The course will cost all my saving and may be more .
But if it will save her life and if its good for her and ONLY if lord wants it to happen then please let it happen .
please lord you know best ..please send some miracles to sort this huge problem of mine i.e. my younger daughter .Please bring a solution to this problem of mine which is destroying my life also .
I pray and thank to all in the prayer circle . I pray that you all find a solution to your problems too .
Thank you St Jude for all your favours to me and my family . Amen