Dear blessed St Jude , please intercede to Jesus Christ to save and protect my naive and foolish younger daughter from all dangers ,evil people with bad intentions and coronavirus .
I have my biggest unsolved problem that is my younger daughter who is still unsettled in life inspite of having excellent education, good looks (all almost gone due to her bad habits )she is not successful in life.
Please dear lord let me and my daughter both be able to discuss her problems and find solutions with your blessings.
Please let her stop treating me like an enemy and let her forget her miserable past and evil friends from past not disturb her in any way .
please dont let any evil friends of mine or hers come near us lord please block them with your mighty power.
She is currently all alone in my native country. She wants to resign her current job and leave home to another state where we know no one in these corona days in hope of getting more salary( i had wrongly introduced her to a friend of mine whose character cannot be trusted – )Please let her listen to me and follow my advice with your blessings and guidance. please let us not make a single mistake in life I pray for your presence in our lives always .
Please let her be able to somehow come to the country where I am living now to do a Masters degree if its god willing and only if its good for her future ,(because its expensive and all my savings plus will go into the fees/which is okay if it will save her and not destroy her further with all the drugs going around in Universities here).
Please calm her anxiety (after her road accident and 3 surgeries) .and her immunity is low due to smoking and lack of good habits.(no time after work)
Please let her have good health and get protected from coronavirus .
Please let her choose the right person as her life partner and not someone bad for her.
I pray for all the people in the circle to get their problems solved or solutions found and to get blessed with peace of mind always.
Thank you for every favour to me and my family dear St Jude .Always grateful .Amen