Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ to cure me of the Allergic reaction may be from the flu injection or from something else we dont know.
The allergy showed on my body for 2 days and now not showing except for itching inside my ears and behind ears .
I am taking anti histamine tablets and so it is under control.
I dont know if I stop what will happen .
Please help .. please send me your powerful miracles to heal me .. I am terrified that the doctor has referred me to an allergic clinic and to go there itself its so difficult because of not having car .
Travelling in public transport is such a big risk with no one complying to keep the safe distance and not wearing masks .
Me and my husband who is 74yrs are both self isolating and not going out of our homes because of underlying health conditions .Please dear lord let there be no need for any allergy test and let there be no need to step out of our home please –it is a big risk for us .
Please give me some peace of mind please .Please cure me from this allergy which is troubling me so much please .
Thank you for everything dear lord -always grateful