Dear blessed St Jude, I thank you again for my nurse daughter passing her OSCE exam.
It was a huge relief for all of us .
Please let the ganglion cyst on her wrist go away dear lord . She is in pain and surgery is a risk and steroid injections are suggested .
Please let there be other solutions which will not harm her health or let it go away somehow dear lord .
I thank you a million times for her passing the difficult test .
Right now I am thanking on behalf of my daughter and me all at the shrine who pray for us — always may god be with you and protect you and give you good health always ..
Thank you our dearest St Jude for your ever powerful miracles and wonders which bring us the poor ,the hope to live and survive – thank you beloved St Jude and our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ –thank you !!!
I am so relieved and happy !!!