Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede on behalf of my nurse daughter to Jesus Christ our saviour and lord to somehow make her pass for tomorrow’s OSCE exam (nurses’s registration exam ) for the country she has come into 8 months back.
Please let everything go smoothly for her – getting bus ,being on time etc .
Please let her calm her mind and be well rested and not scared of anything .
Please let her get a good mild examiner who will ask her questions she can answer and let them nnot ask very tough questions .
Please let her pass – even my future in this country is depending on her success .
All of us are waiting for her to pass dear lord .. please send miracles to save her as always you have in the past- thank you million times .
Please let her pass and her small baby and husband (who has resigned his job in the middle east to join her already)be able to join her in this country .
Please protect her always and give her presence of mind and dont let her make any mistakes my dear lord .
This exam is critical for her future dear lord – please somehow help this poor family to survive please I plead with you today for this favour .
Praying for all in this circle should get god’s help in finding solution to their problems
Thanking St jude and remembering all the favours to me and my family –
Thanking all at the shrine for your prayers -A