Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to help my elder nurse daughter to pass her OSCE registration exam for nurses in the new country she has come into to live and work and migrate .
She is going thru lot of pressure and cannot eat nor sleep .
Please lord remove all her tensions and fright about the exam and somehow make her confident .
Please let her get a good ,gentle examiner all through and let them all ask her the questions she can answer correctly and do the procedures also correct .
Please protect her from all dangers and evil things and people and accidents .
Please let her calm herself and find some peace of mind .
Please send miracles to her and make her pass somehow dear lord .
She is not a brilliant student – she is a very average in studying .
Having opertion theatre experience for 10 yrs is a completed disadvantage for the poor girl because all the questions are bieng asked from procedures in the ward day to day activities .
All our lives depend on her performance dear lord – she faces poverty in her native country – her husband has resigned his nurse job in the middle east hoping to join her soon .
A lot of things are at stake – please I beg for your help in this matter .
please let the examiners be easy on her – let them realise she is specialised only in the operation theatre and deal with her accordingly .
Please protect her family and small baby – who is seperated from her
please give her good health and happiness –
thank you St Jude