Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to help my elder nurse daughter to somehow pass her OSCE registration exam for nurses on this Friday 25th September starting at 8am till 12 noon .
She is finding it very tough .. please let she get a mild examiner who will ask her the questions she knows answers of and will be able to do all the procedures as well .
Please give her the confidence and wipe away all her fears and give her courage to face this exam which is so critical for her future .
Her nurse husband in the middle east has resigned his job hoping to join her in the new country provided she passes the exam and her small baby waiting yet in another country to join her .
Please dear lord send her miracles like you always have done in the past …so that she will somehow pass . Let all her documents be satisfactory for exam center .
Please let everything go smoothly under your blessing dear lord .
Please let her be able to eat proper and sleep well —
please let her have good health and protect her from coronavirus as well as all other evil things evil people and accidents .
Dear St Jude she is a very nice girl with all good intentions , married a poor nurse man who is just a diploma in nursing so it is upto her to carry the family responsibility .
Please dear lord bless her and keep her always with you ..
Please keep her little baby and her husband and family safe .
I pray for all in this circle – may the lord take care of all their needs
Thank you -ever grateful -A