Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to help my daughter who is a nurse to pass her registration exam OSCE in the new country she has come to live and work and on condition she passes the exam then she can bring her nurse husband (currently treating covid patients without proper PPE in a middle east desert camp ) and baby girl daughter who is with her mother in law in an area where coronovirus is fast spreading .
Dear lord please help to calm her mind and help her to sleep and eat well .
Please let her be able to memorise the correct answers to the questions for the OSCE.
Please let her get someone nice to give her the exam test who will ask her questions which she can answer (not too tough or complicated ) .
Please let her have presence of mind and not make any mistake in all the stations and for all the procedures and questions and whatever they ask for the test .
Please dear lord protect her and her family from all evil and danger and bad people and wrong decisions .
Dear St Jude , please send miracles to help her to pass the exam please like in the past you have always done so .thank you always /
all of us are depending on my daughter to somehow pass the exam so that her family can have a better life here in this country and for me i can continue living in this country if she is there to monetarily support me .
please let her trainer help her whole heartedly and not show disinterest to my daughter when begging for help and showing partiality to smarter nurses instead of the weaker ones inspite of coming from the same country and area.
Please change the mind set of the trainer from being unhelpful to helpful please and give her the proper training which my daughter is entitled to .
Please dear St Jude , please I plead and beg you to somehow make my nurse daughter pass the osce exam which is on the 25th Friday ,September 2020 starting from 8 am to 12 noon .
Please help her – please send miracles dear St Jude please -a very concerned mother