Dear blessed St Jude , please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to somehow make my elder nurse daughter pass in her OSCE nurses registration exam in the new country where she has come to live on a conditional offer letter that she has to pass the exam .
The exam is on 25th of September this coming next week friday in the morning .
She is terrified and cant eat or sleep .
She has taken a big gamble by resigning her same payment as here job in the middleast to come to a free country but never thought the exam would be so tough because she has zero experience in the ward and all the questions are from the ward duties and she is an operation theatre nurse for the past 10yrs and finding it very difficult .
It all depends on the person who is conducting the exam and sometimes they ask very simple questions and procedures .
Dear lord please let it be a kind person asking questions which she knows very well and hence will be able to do it and pass the exam . please send your miracles you have always send for her in the past .
Please come to help in this critical situation in her life dear St Jude please .
We all are depending on her passing this exam .
Her husband and her 3 yr old baby girl all in 3 countries are waiting to join her provided she passes . Please let all her documents be processed and cleared dear lord
Please let her be able to memorise and be able to perform correctly all the exam questions asked for OSCE dear lord .
My future depends on her staying in this country dear lord .
She is very kind and loving and helpful to all dear lord please help her succeed .
She is saying she wont be able to face anyone etc. I am so worried for her .
Please give her confidence ,good health and be able to memorise whatever the correct answers are and be able to pass the exam on the 25th September please .
Please protect her from all evil , accidents and protect her under your wing and keep her safe and happy . Remove all her worries and let her be stress free .
Thank you St Jude –always grateful – mom