Dear blessed St Jude, please heal my breast pain after the biopsy wound.
Please let the biopsy sent after mammography finding lesion in my left breast result be all clear and let there be no problem, let it be benign and no problem for me lord.
Let all tests done on my mammography finding and breast biopsy come out clear and no problem to me
I have not laughed from my heart since my mom died when I was 18 yrs
I am extremely stressed .My husband is a cancer patient we have no one to help us also. I have so many unfinished duties with my younger daughter in my native country where she is all alone unmarried. dear St Jude. Please send me your powerful miracles to make all the biopsy tests of my left breast to be all clear , benign and no problem to me after the mammography test showed lesion.
I plead to you on my knees to come to my help in the breast test result to be benign.
Please bless me and forgive me for any hurt I may have caused to anyone knowingly or unknowingly in my life . Please let my family come together and my daughter’s stop fighting over past or anything..
Please let my husband take the right decisions regarding the house or selling if the house shifting to my native country to get support and also save my younger daughter.
Please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to come to my help dear St Jude.
Praying for all in this circle.
Thank you for all your favours to me and family dear St Jude always Grateful for your help. Amen .