Dear St Jude,
Please let my elder daughter bleeding stop completely and let her be able to go for work.
Please let the hospital she works health department give her urgent appointment with gynecologist and let her get the right much delayed treatment for her ongoing problem of bleeding for more than 6 months now.
Her biased doctor under which she is in is not giving her access neither to a Gynaecologist nor any good care.
Dear St Jude, Please urgently send her your powerful miracles to cure her bleeding problem . Please heal her .
Let her get appointment with gynecologist and get an ultrasound scan at once lord.
Let she get a correct diagnosis from a good doctor who will help her.
She has no money to go to native country with her 2 kids and get a check up done .
Please let her get her health back and let her selfish husband STOP neglecting her and family. Let the husband cooperate and take care of her diet which is all important and not lead to taking prescription medication.
Thank you dear St Jude for all your favours to my daughter and family.

Please let my nurse daughter come and live near me to work and take care of me and
My cancer patient husband. We can take care of them also.. please urgently send her near me here lord with job . Please let her husband not cheat on her with extra marital affair which I strongly doubt, and let all their marital problems go away and stop with your mighty power lord the mother and sister of my son in law who wants more money from us .
Please give my cancer patient husband relief from his bladder issues and lack of sleep after radio therapy.
Please let mine and my cancer patient husband’s severe knee osteoarthritis go away we both cannot walk lord.
Please let the mysterious sore on my breast heal and get cured lord. Let it be nothing and no problem.
I have been referred urgently to a breast clinic.

Please send me your powerful miracles to cure this sore issue and both me and my husband’s knee pain asap lord.
Let me get the will power to follow a diet and exercise lord.and help reduce pain lord.

Please let me be able to pass my driving practical classes for car and be able to get money to buy car from somewhere.

Please protect my husband ,me, my daughter ‘s and families from corona virus and all other health problems.
Protect us when travelling by public transport lord . Please continue to protect her dear St Jude.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and family dear St Jude always
Praying for all in this circle.