Dear St Jude,
I heard today from orthopaedic surgeon that my both knees are gone and needs replacing
But also said to loose weight and do exercise.
Please let me be able to save my knees somehow and avoid a surgery.
Please let me be able to get a license to drive in this country asap.
Please let my younger daughter find her real soul mate who is legally single and free to marry her and give her a loving and financially stable family life.
Please continue to protect my elder daughter and let her bleeding stop which is being going on for months now.
Please let my cancer patient husband and my future be either in this country or if to go to my native country because we have no money to have a normal lifestyle here but in my native country we probably can live in comfort .please decide for us on where which country to live the rest of our old age .
Please keep all enemies and evil out of all our lives and homes. Please remove all our obstacles lord.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and family dear St Jude..
Praying for all in this group and beyond .