I feel my daughter is being groomed by extreme religion ‘friends’ of hers.
Now they are giving her job opportunity to work in an extreme religion country and I am scared.
I don’t know her friends..I don’t know anything. She is refusing to come to the country where me and her sister is living.
Worried of the expensive courses and no job opportunities.
She is ignorant , dumb and egoistic and mental age of a 15 year old.
She is putting complete trust on extreme religion friends.
She has made mistakes after mistakes. And nothing else.
Men have just taken advantage of her and now she has no money , age is catching up with her..
Please dear St Jude intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to urgently come to her and my help to guide her in the right path.
And cancel her middle East job plans if its dangerous for her.
Please let her be able to come to this country where I am now if that is what you want for her lord.
I cannot get out if my bed worrying about her lord. Please protect my idiot daughter from all dangerous so called friends.
Please show her the right oath. My only hope is that you will intervene abd stop her in all her wrong decisions.
Please show the true color of all surrounding her.
Please send good people to be with her lord.
I am going mad with worry .
We have no money power or people to help .
Only my prayers keep me going.
Please help .urgently. thank you for all your favours to me and family dear St Jude.