Please dear St Jude, intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to cure my elder daughter’s health issues asap.
Please let her agree and see a doctor to treat her hormone imbalance and get it corrected.
Please send your powerful miracles to cure her health problems urgently.
Please let her husband cooperate and stop his deliberate ill treatment of my poor her unhealthy carbohydrates which is cheap but which she cannot eat because of her diabetes issues.
He is in charge of kitchen and is saving money. He makes her pay the big bills like the rent and electricity. He is a very cunning man dear lord.
Please protect my naive idiot daughter from his , his mother’s and sister’s evil designs.
If her husband is having any affair please end it lord and let him never ever look at another women.
Please let my daughter see the truth about her husband and handle the situation.
Please give back her health lord asap.
Thank you for everything given to me and family dear St Jude. Amen