Blessed St Jude, please take xarecof my second daughter from making more mistakes in her life leading further to her ruin.
Please give her peace of mind and let all her mental agony and all the pain of past go away never to come back lord.
Let her make the right choices regarding her Msc course and her future plans which suits my budget. Please lord let me win lottery to support all my needs and to give others too.
Please let all the so called perfect family people in the Apartment complex who don’t make any mistakes in their lives who are the most hypocrites selfish bunch..not attack my daughter in anyway.
Please let them stop all attacks on her and instead come to help her and be sympathetic to her.
Please let them stop isolating me and my daughter and not supporting us in anything and treating us with contempt.
Please let my daughter realise she needs to behave also and cooperate with them always.
Thank you for all your favours to her and my family dear St Jude. Amen .
Praying for all in this circle.