Dear St Jude, please guide my younger daughter and me on her future plans..
Please let her be able to take the best possible decisions which has will get her a job and give her safety while studying also.
Please lord decide for her which should happen to her now .
She has to get her soul mate somehow lord to love marry and have children. She is getting past her age for that.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her lord and let her get a good man with financial security. Who will love her and keep her happy.
Please guide her if it’s to study for Msc in the country where me and her sister is living.
She wants to do her Msc in another country where its better taught but more expensive.
Please lord help me somehow to find a course for her which will suit my budget and will suit her needs and is safe for her also.
Please lord let the best happen to my poor daughter who has known nothing but suffering from a broken family and no family life.
Please I am stuck in another country with her step dad having 4th stage cancer with limited finance also ..please we desperately and urgently need help dear St Jude.
Thank you for everything given to us .prayers for all in the circle and beyond. .