Please let my elder daughter be able to take care of her health and her 2 kids .
Please let her see reality and accept it .
Let her and her husband stop keeping me and my husband and my younger daughter away from their family because of some reasons I really don’t know of.
Her uncontrolled eating habits and her sugar level issues are dangerous and her health is not good.
Her husband is not trustworthy and she doesn’t know it. His mother and sister all are very cunning and all work together for their monetary benefits.
My daughter has never recovered from her very complicated pregnancy . The husband and mother in law not supporting her with the diabetes diet which she so desperately needs.
Please release my daughter from their evil clutches and let her and family come near my home to live and work .or let us be able to make our house bigger to accommodate them also to live.
Let the selfish narrow minded nature of my son in law go away and let him think of us as family also who needs help and support.
I was a single parent and taken care of my 2 children.
Please let all things clear up between me and my elder daughter family so that she can take care of me jn my old age snd my second husband who is battling 4th stage cancer.
Instead of ignoring us. She needs help with her 2 little kids also and her health is worsening.
Please urgently help lord .to clear all the fights and misunderstandings between us all and let us all get together in this time of need urgently.
Prayers for all in this circle and beyond .