Dear St Jude, please let my cancer patient husband’s bladder, hot flushes and sleep issues which has been troubling him now for 10 months plus after his radiotherapy is crippling him. Please cure his above and many other associated health issues lord – please give him physical and mental health to fight this cancer. The oncologist doctor has told him the cancer medicines will work only for a particular time period and that time is over and now it all depends how his body will handle the medicines – so it is very critical for him to be healthy – please let us both be able to maintain a healthy diet and exercise and a routine to follow which we do not follow regularly – please be with us always giving us strength –to go on —
please let me be able to learn driving in this country and get a licence asap because we both have knee osteoarthritis and severe pain and finding it difficult to walk and go about shopping and to hospital appointments .
please let me be able to somehow afford a decent safe car also and let our financial situation improve so that the repair work to our home can be done and our other needs can be met.
Thank you for all your help dear St Jude – praying for all in this circle will find peace and solutions for their problems asap .