Dear blessed St Jude, please let my nurse daughter and her family come and live near us please so that they can help us in our old age.
My knees are suffering from osteoarthritis and my husband has advanced cancer along with both of us having glaucoma and struggling with other health issues.
My nurse daughter has said NO very firmly and so has her husband about coming near our home to live.
Our home is too small to accomodate a family of 4 ,
let me be able to make extensions to the house to accomadate my daughter and family
they have lot of obstacles from shifting from one hospital to another and also the elder child school among other reasons.
we stand to loose our home if they do not come and help us if our health goes and the money in the bank is not much and with my husband’s low pension.
The only assest is his home and if my daughter comes we will be able to together carry forward without much struggle – they dont have a home . please show them their reality and let me not end up selling our home as a distress sale. please let my nurse daughter and her nurse husband change her mind and come to help us and save us and in turn save themselves.
please send your powerful miracles to change my daughter’s and son in law’s mind if that is what you want for us both lord – we have no car and our health is bad – please let them understand the gravity of our problem and cooperate lord please
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and my family – praying for all in this circle and beyond amen