Dear St Jude, please protect and guide my nurse daughter when she goes to work after a very critical difficult pregnancy delivery baby in icu for a month — premature baby– – please let her go to work with peace of mind and let the child learn to cope without her ( her husband cuts my phone off when i call in to offer any kind of help possible -not talking to me-still owes money to me -destroyed my family by stealing my daughter, chauvanistic , hypocrite , selfish to the core and maybe now dangerous also to my daughter because i suspect he may be having extra marital affair at work place or elsewhere with his dirty men friends from the native country cheering on because that is what they do )
please open the eyes of my daughter to this danger – i feel her husband is just waiting to get his PR on his passport because he came as her dependent .
please show the real intentions of this man to my daughter lord – please stop the plotting of the evil mother in law and sister in law against my daughter.
please stop the in law influencing and meddling in the marriage of my daughter especially please break the evil influence of the mother on the son .
please continue to protect my daughter and please let her be able to come and live near me and get a job near me please before its too late – me and her step dad both of us need her help so badly with our severe health conditions — destined to get worse with time – my husband with advanced cancer and me with knee osteo arthritis , glaucoma, now kidney issues – please lord i need help so desperately i wish my nurse daughter comes and stay near me please somehow – she and her husband has refused . we have no car – they have no home -we both can help each other.
please stop all the bad activities of her husband and let him treat his family i.e his wife and kids – let him take up responsibilities and help her instead of having a good time with his friends – please let him stop fighting with me for no reason when they are the culprits – please let him stop torturing me from getting close to my daughter.
Thank you for all the favours given to my daughter and her kids – praying for all in this circle –