Dear St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to be with me and give me strength to go through my Urologist appointment and let all things with me be clear and be of no problem .
My scan has showed hydronephrosis in my right kidney and a stone in my left kidney – i have pain in my abdomin and lower abdomin area on and off -and also back pain especially on left back. please let there be no infection in kidney and let the fluid collection disappear lord – i am scared – i am in a foreign country and not used to their way of treating and health care. Please protect my poor cancer patient husband who is coming with me who is vulnerable and had a fall on the road and got bruised and ankle and shoulder pain also -please protect both of us from the new variant of coronavirus which is rampant now here and all people are careless about it and we are forced to mingle with them and travel in public transport for our needs. please bless us and be with us lord – let all be well with me i am his only carer and we have no car and i have no idea what i will do –
praying for all in this circle and beyond – thanking you dear St Jude for every favour given to me and has kept me going – amen