Dear St Jude please give peace of mind for my poor elder daughter who is going through a tough time in her married life – Today after 7 months plus of not working because of pregnancy and delivery etc she went for work for a refreshment day to catch up. and her husband was left with the baby and also a 6 yr old – He never answered my phone and my daughter’s phone once and never bothered to call back me – after she came back home tired he just left home abruptly to a booze party of men – the house was unkept, the elder child did not do her homework.
he is behaving like a stranger in his home and indifferent towards his own family .
Please lord crush his extra marital affair if he is having one which i believe he is although i do not have any proof
please let him care and value his wife and children and not let his mother and sister interefere in his marriage and plot against my daughter please lord let all come out in the open –
please bless my daughter and kids lord always – please show her the right path to follow – show her the truth about her husband -and let her take action and fight thank you a million for everything given dear St Jude – to me and friend – amen