Dear blessed St Jude, please bless and protect my cancer patient husband – please let all his scans the bone scan, ct all of them come clean and with no cancer cells.

please lord come urgently to my help – the doctor has found some blood in my urine and has refered a scan which can take months in this country- i have no private insurance-
i also have this pain on my left side now for weeks and i dont know what it is and am getting very scared because there are no doctors and the system does not exist – it is pathetic- The doctor does not give correct diagnosis and show no interest in you unless you are consulting privately with cash or private insurance.
please urgently send your powerful miracles and cure my urinary infection which has not gone after 7 days of antibiotics and let the blood in urine also get cured please – and let the pain also go away cured and let there be nothing wrong with me lord.