Dear blessed St Jude, please cure my advanced cancer patient husband from all his health issues like bladder problems, sleep issues, hot flushes, and whole lot of other problems as well. please cure both our glaucoma issues, knee arthritis and the pain , and let us both be able to control our diet and food habits which is so difficult.
please let all the upcoming scans of my husband come out clear and no problem
please bless our homes and children lord – from all evil and enemies .
please let good things happen to us and let all financial problems go away
please let my son in law take care of my poor daughter and let her be able to reverse her diabetes and fatty liver 2 stage and my second daughter be able to come and live with us or with her father and get job and a good man in her life lord.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to us and family always given always thankful -amen