Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter and guide her on how to reverse her both her diabetes and fatty liver stage 2 and other health problems she has not confided in me .Please with your mighty power change her husband’s mindset of neglecting his wife and elder child because she is a girl. please crush his big ego and let him find time to look after the kids so that his wife, my daughter can go for some exercise like swimming currently he never gives her time to do all that and her health is deteriorating and i am getting so anxious . please let all his planning /plotting against my daughter with his evil mother and sister fail. the husband is so unusually happy and talking about a collegue having an affair on the side. please let him not think of having an affair or anything with anyone and let such demands crash lord. let him focus only on his job and home, his wife my daughter’s health and his children. please let him never dare to even look at another woman. I do not trust him . The family of my son in law is greedy, selfish and petty evil. My daughter was trapped by them – i feel so sad about my daughter she is working like a slave for him and the children – her back is in pain and giving away and whole lot of health problems for her also and is being deliberately ignored and not given opportunity to exercise nor follow a diet never supportive or helping- he is acting like a stranger in his own house -all signs of having an affair on the side is what i am doubting although no proof – please let it end if anything is there at least for the sake of his family and 2 young ids a 7 month old and 6yr old – please crush all his mood and bring him down to reality .
Thank you for all your help and favours to her and family dear lord – amen