Dear blessed St Jude, please guide me and my elder daughter urgently in the right path on what decisions to take on her future married life which the husband is not cooperating with the rest of the family and is aloof and is with friends all the time and is under the heavy influence of his widowed mother (her husband hung himself or that is what they are saying) who is trying to live her life through her son and the sister who committed suicide and was saved narrowly –
this is a very greedy possessive scheming mother daughter and son family .Please stop these 3 evil people from succeeding in their evil plans with your mighty power lord .
my daughter was trapped into marriage by them -even without my permission his mother got my daughter married to her son .
they had their eyes on her new job to which he latched on and left the country – i was very cleverly kept away from my daughter and she was dancing to their tune and they were just using her to go from one country to another and they finally reached where i am living and now they have had no progress in their lives and he is illtreating the family by being aloof and cold and being with his friends not helping with the new born child and other child care matters – he is silently plotting for his welfare and financial security along with his mother and sister and isolating my daughter from it all –
Please bring out the truth of this man lord – he is so smugly happy all the time and neglecting and snappy towards his own family – my daughter needs 2 more yrs to get a permanent visa of this country. the husband had come as a dependent to her because his qualification is low. he has a king size ego and is chauvanistic man – please give us the right solution for this problem my dear St Jude because of a 7 month old and a 6 yr old child is involved in this matter their kids. it is so sad tragic.
please somehow show us the truth about this man and his family and show us the right path to follow -if a seperation – divorce or just staying is the best thing to do lord . show us if he is having an affair on the side lord and was using my daughter to get to a western country and now showed his real intention .
please urgently send your powerful miracles to protect my daughter and kids – they have very little money and it is going to be hell for my daughter if they decide to spilt. if she stays then also its hell for her .
please be with my daughter to give mental and physical strength to handle all this
please let her be able to reverse her diabetes and regain her health by diet and let her find tme for exercise.
please let her be able to come to my home if her life is in danger or if that is your wish lord – we, me her mother and step dad (having advanced cancer) would like to have her and kids but with the father providing money for them .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to my daughter and family – i pray for all in this circle and beyond amen