please let my second daughter find her soul mate to love, marry and have a family my dear St Jude before its too late for her .
Please bless her in whatever she is deciding to do and let her become a financial success in whatever she does – please let her get the job she has applied for and be happy lord – please let her have some happiness in her life after her horrible horrible childhood and adulthood so far — please send your powerful miracles to help her to find a good man her soul mate. please lord please i beg you and that will let me free and i have been a single mom for a long time – i want to have a restful peaceful time with my poor advanced cancer patient husband — i also deserve some peace of mind please – dear St Jude – please let her find a good man – i can no longer take all this – she is a very good girl without proper upbringing she came under the influence of bad friends and with me her mother getting married second time and leaving her all alone in the country was devastating for her – please let her get another chance and succeed- Please let her find a man with good finance and good home for her to live –
Her father is asking her to take a trip abroad to the country where he is living to find job or study something – he is in a bad situation financially and is asking us to fund – please lord show us the right decision –
she is showing me some apartment photos which are expensive and i do not want to invest at all in it – i do not know if it is a good idea – she is just being impulsive – or i do not know lord – please urgently come to my help lord and show the girl reality and the truth and guide her lord in financial matters i am so tired – thank you for all your favours and help given to my daughter my dear St Jude – amen